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Bill Ferris Praises Mississippi and Southern Storytelling, mentions Eggleston and Imes

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Scholar-in-residence William R "Bill" Ferris shares, “Anywhere you go in Mississippi, at any moment, people are telling stories. All you have to do is listen,”.  Storying telling is a driving force of longevity of southern folklore that permeates music, literature, and visual art.  Ferris shares his appreciation for stories and those who share them.  Notably, two photographers are mentioned as exceptional examples: Birney Imes and William Eggleston.

“No photographer approaches what Eggleston does,” Ferris added. “He sees his photographs as a kind of narrative story in which you flip through the images as you would read a novel and at the end of many images, you have an impression as though you’ve read a book.”

Ferris claims Mississippi has produced some of the greatest American photographers to date.

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