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Photo L.A. announces the honoree and beneficiary for 2019: JO ANN CALLIS

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Announcing Photo L.A. Honoree & Beneficiary


Join PHOTO LA January 31, 2019 6-9PM at Barker Hanger, Santa Monica for the Opening Night of Photo L.A. as they proudly honor artist Jo Ann Callis for her contributions to the history and aesthetics of the photographic arts.

A central figure in the Southern California photography scene since the 1970s, Jo Ann Callis is known for her provocatively staged scenarios with a poetic dimension. In her work, the inner world of the artist finds material expression through creative juxtapositions, bold colors and playful constructions.

Photo L.A. 2019 Opening Night will be held to benefit Venice Arts.

Venice Arts ignites, expands, and transforms the lives of Los Angeles’ low-income youth through photography and film education.

Be the first to enjoy the curated roster of 60 plus local and international galleries, dealers, collectives, leading not-for-profits, art schools, and global booksellers at the 27th edition of Photo L.A. presented at the historic Barker Hangar, Santa Monica. And take part in honoring Jo Ann Callis, benefitting Venice Arts, and mingling with the always eclectic Los Angeles photography community.

Tickets now available! Follow the links below to buy your tickets to the Photo L.A. 2019 Opening Night and join us in experiencing A Photography Fair Like No Other!



W. M. Hunt review Classic Photographs LA - The Eye of Photography

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"Classic Photographs Los Angeles is the comfort food of photography fairs: warm and satisfying, a kinder, gentler throwback to the hotel fairs of the early 1980’s." He had a yummy time.

Graciela Iturbide,  Casa de Frida Kahlo , 2003

Graciela Iturbide, Casa de Frida Kahlo, 2003

Lionel Wendt,  Untitled , c. 1930's

Lionel Wendt, Untitled, c. 1930's

Jo Ann Callis,  Untitled,  1975

Jo Ann Callis, Untitled, 1975

Of the photography dealers, booth layouts and prints mentioned, Hunt took notice to the color works on display in our booth.  "Surprising and unsurprising" were both the works of Jo Ann Callis and Graciela Iturbide.  Iturbide was invited to photograph Frida Kahlo's bathroom 50 years after her death.  The portfolio of 6 works in full technicolor are exquisite dye transfer prints.  Jo Ann Callis's vintage silver gelatin prints accompanied Iturbide, and Wendt.  Lionel Wendt was a Ceylon born musician, writer, critic, lawyer and photographer in the 1930s until his death in 1944.  He was a founder and member of the 43 Group, a salon style society of artists in Sri Lanka, whose creative efforts lead to great international success. 

Read his full commentary on the Classic Photographs Los Angeles HERE.

Jo Ann Callis photograph named top 5 artworks at PHOTOLA - Artspace

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PHOTO LA, in its 26th year, explores the photographic practice at DTLA's The Reef exhibition space with over 30 exhibitors.  On display were vintage works from Cohen gallery, Emerging photographers featured in curated booths, digital printing studios, and works from private collections.  From the booth of featured work by photography collectors was the work of Jo Ann Callis, named top 5 artworks at the fair.

Jo Ann Callis,  Woman With Blonde Hair,  1977

Jo Ann Callis, Woman With Blonde Hair, 1977

From the collection of Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck

Woman With Blonde Hair is from a series of elegant and often enigmatic images from 1976 to 1977 that preceded the last 30 years of fictional narrative in photography. Referencing film noir, Paul Outerbridge, and the eroticism of fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, it creates a highly charged domestic tableau that exists out of any context and without any clear resolution, but is instead highly suggestive—the fetishistic overtones giving the scenario both pleasure and anxiety.  As a cibachrome print, its lush coloration has a slightly metallic tone, only increasing its sense of menace and style.

Read the full list on

Graciela Iturbide participates in Look3 Festival in Charlottesville June 13 - 19

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Graciela Iturbide is participating in Look3 Festival in Charlottesville, VA this June 13 - 19.  In addition to her exhibition Naturata, Graciela will have an artist talk on 17 June at The Paramount Theater starting at 5PM with a book signing to follow.

"As a native and current resident of Mexico City, Graciela Iturbide uses photography to shine light on hidden corners of her country and other parts of Latin America. Equal parts documentarian and fine-art photographer, she has trained a lens on indigenous peoples of Mexico, birds, funerary rituals and her world travels. Evocative and surrealistic at times, her black and white images are textured yet sparse. Iturbide has published and exhibited extensively around the world since the 1980s. She has also won countless awards for her work, and is one of the most notable Mexican photographers in recent decades." -via


Visit for details and festival information.

Images (top to bottom) Graciela Iturbide, [Self Portrait], year unknown; Graciela Iturbide, Nuestra Señora de las Iguanas, Juchitán, 1979; Graciela Iturbide, Radiographiá de un pajaro, con Toledo, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1999.

Photo London 2016 opening 19 May, 2016 - ROSEGALLERY stand B7

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Photo London 2016 will be open to the public from the 19th to the 22nd of May, 2016 at Somerset House.  Visit ROSEGALLERY at Stand B7 to view selected works by Bruce Davidson, William Eggleston, Evelyn Hofer and Martin Parr.  

Martin Parr,  Sand   Bay , c. 1997

Martin Parr, Sand Bay, c. 1997

Public Hours:
THR 19 May,  12:00 - 8:30 pm
FRI 20 May,  12:00 - 7:30 pm
SAT 21 May,  12:00 - 6:00 pm
SUN 22 May,  12:00 - 6:00 pm



Visit for full fair details.

L'Oeil de la Photographie highlights The Dramatic Imagery of Jessica Lange by Ieva Bluma

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written by Ieva Bluma

Jessica Lange © Ieva Bluma

Jessica Lange is a true Hollywood legend and one of the greatest actresses of our time.  She has won two Oscars, three Emmys, five Golden Globes and multiple other awards.  Perhaps many people are unaware of the fact that she is also a very accomplished and talented photographer, winner of the prestigious Lucie Award in 2012.  I spoke to the artist in Barcelona, shortly before the opening of her  exhibition “Unseen,” and the presentation of the accompanying and eponymous book of photographs Unseen.

What are these pictures?, I ask.
Oh, things that I see, she replies.

“I find photography a most mysterious process – capturing that moment in time and space, elusive and fleeting, and crystallising it.” – Jessica Lange 

We have always admired Jessica Lange as an actress.  We recognise her from her memorable roles in King Kong, The Postman Always Rings Twice, Tootsie, Frances, Blue Sky, Grey Gardens and dozens of other films.  More recently she has been known for her hugely successful portrayal of four different and powerful characters over the course of four seasons of the hit television series American Horror Story.  So it is interesting to discover the Jessica Lange is also a very talented photographer.

Lange has a fascinating and sharp photographic eye, with a real ability to capture life and turn it into an artistic mystery.  Her sense of composition and framing is very strong, present, balanced and detailed, and yet her images offer space and freedom that allow her to express fragility, vulnerability and loneliness.  The photographs create poetic mysteries that connect to people’s emotions and resonate.  This makes Jessica Lange’s realist images almost abstract, and her work does much to activate human imagination.

I was delighted to visit Ms Lange’s exhibition in Barcelona, “Unseen,” and to meet with her for a personal interview about her art.  As a painter and photographer myself, I found this to be a unique opportunity to engage in a creative conversation with the talented Jessica Lange

Ieva Bluma:  Your images are very artistic and well-composed, and the use of light and shadow is incredible.  There is so much that is going on in our photography, and I feel that it is the same as when you perform as an actress.  There are so many emotions and layers in your acting, even when you are still and don’t talk.  I think it’s the same with your photography – even if there’s a bare space in the image, it is still full of mystery.  Do you create your images by instinct, or do you plan the details ahead of time?

Jessica Lange: I’m always shooting on the street without setting anything up.  I think framing and composition is partly luck, but also there is this split second where you compose your frame and put what you want in it, and this is instinctual.  What appeals to me is the negative space or the centre of focus.  It’s a very personal and emotional reaction to what I'm seeing in the moment.  I take the camera and snap the shutter because there is something in the environment, something in the light, something in a gesture of a person or a moment of connection between people that touches me emotionally.  It comes out of instinctual moments and I think the things which interest me as a photographer are the same things, I find interesting as an actress - observing, watching, looking and being present so you don't miss things. 

Click here for complete review. 

Another Magazine Stand Out Moments from PhotoLondon 2015

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Stand Out Moments from PhotoLondon 2015

By Olivia Singer

This weekend, London's Somerset House was transformed into a giant photographic fair, with over 70 exhibitors descending on the capital for the inaugral edition of Photo London. With galleries from around the world bringing their finest examples of photography from William Eggleston to Nick Knight, Malick Sidibe to Nobuyaski Araki (who, in fact, seemed to appear in almost every room) alongside a brilliant programme of talks and screenings, the fair was an opportunity to celebrate some of the greatest names in the industry as well as discovering some new delights. Here, we look over some of the moments that particularly stood out...

Untitled , from Early Color Portfolio, Circa 1976 Photography by Jo Ann Callis, Copyright Jo Ann Callis, Courtesy of ROSEGALLERY

Untitled, from Early Color Portfolio, Circa 1976 Photography by Jo Ann Callis, Copyright Jo Ann Callis, Courtesy of ROSEGALLERY

Jo Ann Callis' Other Rooms at ROSEGALLERY
Jo Ann Callis' strangely sexual images manage to capture an elusive eroticism, her wonderfully saturated palette and suggestive-yet-awkward posturing a beautiful exploration of sexuality, femininity and domesticity. Originally shot in the early 70s, it was not until 2014 that Callis decided to exhibit them when she produced book Other Rooms and exhibited a full series at Santa Monica's ROSEGALLERY, and their presence at Photo London was delightfully disconcerting.

Untitled  , from Early Color Portfolio, Circa 1976 Photography by Jo Ann Callis, Copyright Jo Ann Callis, Courtesy of ROSEGALLERY

Untitled, from Early Color Portfolio, Circa 1976 Photography by Jo Ann Callis, Copyright Jo Ann Callis, Courtesy of ROSEGALLERY

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Amateur Photographer highlights ROSEGALLERY showcasing prints to collectors Michael G. Wilson and actor Daniel Craig

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The first Photo London has been hailed a huge success, with famous visitors including James Bond actor Daniel Craig, as organizers confirm the dates for next year’s event.


James Bond actor Daniel Craig attends Photo London with Michael J Wilson, co-producer of the 007 movies. Both are known to be photography collectors

More than 20,000 people attended the Somerset House event over four days, in what has been hailed the largest photography fair ever staged in the capital.

Showcasing more than 2,000 images, Photo London featured 70 international galleries, and talks by more than 50 photographers and curators.

Among the dealers was Peter Fetterman, of the Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, USA, who sold a Sebastião Salgado print of an iceberg for $50,000.

Fetterman told organizers: ‘We travelled 6,000 miles to come here and arriving at Photo London has felt like coming home.

‘Our gallery shows at eight fairs a year and none as well organized as this. We can’t wait for next year, already.’

Photo London has confirmed that next year’s show will be held, again at Somerset House, from 19-22 May.

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