W H A T   I F   H E   W E R E :
B L A C K - A S I A N - H I S P A N I C -
M I D D L E   E A S T E R N - I N D I A N

What If He Were: Black-Asian-Hispanic-Middle Eastern-Indian, 2016

ROSEGALLERY is pleased to present Nancy Burson’s timely new work: What if He were: Black-Asian-Hispanic-Middle Eastern-Indian.  The large scale five-part image will be on view along with related earlier works and a one minute video.  The installation compliments the ongoing Tomoko Sawada exhibition.  Both artists focus on the ever-changing form of the human face.

Nancy Burson pioneered the use of digital morphing technologies in collaboration with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology in the mid-1970’s and has been stretching the limits of portraiture through digital manipulation ever since.  Present at the onset of basic image processing techniques devised a decade before the advent of Photoshop,  Burson created convincing composite portraits of fictional people, and assisted law enforcement agencies in finding missing children and adults. Her work challenges us to examine the ways in which we see and judge one another’s face.

About the work on view Burson says, “This project was a commission for a prominent liberal magazine, which ultimately decided not to publish it.  My interest in creating this work was the desire to know what Donald Trump’s reaction might be if he saw the images.  Current research shows that the experience of oneself as another produces an empathetic response within the mirror neutrons of the brain.  The question in my mind was whether Donald Trump’s brain would be affected with an empathetic response upon viewing the work.”