Handmade Kite by Francisco Toledo


Handmade Kite by Francisco Toledo


Handmade Paper Kite
27.5 x 21.5 in

Made at El Taller Arte Papel Oaxaca in San Agustín, Etla, Oaxaca

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El Taller Arte Papel Oaxaca was begun in 1998, in San Agustín, Etla, Oaxaca and is housed in a refurbished hydroelectric plant, Hidroeléctrica La Soledad. The workshop is working toward becoming a self-sustaining business where surplus money is invested in reforestation, nurseries, cultural and educational programs for the community.

Francisco Toledo, a well-known Mexican painter, was founder of the cooperative, teaching locals how to make handmade paper free of contaminants. They use the natural fibers of Chichicastle, agave, Majahua, white cotton, cotton Coyuche, the cotton kapok tree and lion's paw.

Paper products made are notebooks, cards, bags, envelopes, boxes, origami (paper figures), jewelry and paper kites. In order to make their products available to the consumer, they offer a diverse number of products such as a variety of notebooks in different sizes and prices. The cooperative also makes paper jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, and bracelets featuring original designs.