J O  A N N  C A L L I S

In the summer of 2008 sculptor Manfred Müller was invited by Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo to hold a series of workshops at the Taller de Papel, the paper mill in San Agustín Etla. While working with the young artisans at San Agustín the artist began creating mandiles or aprons inspired by the working environment. Upon returning to California, Manfred decided to create apron prototypes and give them to his artist friends whose work he admires, who then came up with their own interpretation of aprons as one of a kind objects. The aprons of Jo Ann Callis are featured as part of our 2015 Holiday Staff Picks.

Jo Ann Callis was born in Cincinnati, OH and relocated to Los Angeles in 1961. She enrolled at UCLA in 1970 where she began taking classes with Robert Heinecken, among other prominent artists. She started teaching at CalArts in 1976 and remains a faculty member of the School of Art’s Program in Photography and Media. She has continued to photograph, draw, and paint, and her work has been widely exhibited in such venues as the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Hammer Museum; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and many others. In 2009 a retrospective of her work, Woman Twirling, was presented by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Callis has received three NEA Fellowships and a Guggenheim Fellowship, among other awards and prizes.