M A R T I N   P A R R  :  Autorretratos

When traveling, Martin Parr visits street and studio photographers to have his portrait taken in a variety of (often humorous) local styles. The resulting autoportraits, featuring gaudy props, standardized backdrops and overly saturated color, showcase the artist as he takes an ironic look at himself and the increasingly homogenized world we inhabit. A selection of these self-portraits were made into ‘fotoescultura’—carved wooden busts or full length statuettes ornamented with beads, jewels, and paint. The unique objects were produced in collaboration with Señor Bruno Eslava, the only remaining practitioner of fotoescultura in Mexico City. The resulting Autoretratos are a combination of Eslava’s traditional carving techniques and Parr’s wry humor creating photographically-based sculptural effigies, which are distinctly Mexican and unquestionably Parr.