M A R K  C O H E N  :  True Color
17 February - 11 April, 2009

Mark Cohen occupies a conspicuous place among the innovators of American street photography. Cohen’s photographs are intrusive, fragmented keyhole perspectives depicting the street-life of his hometown, Wilkes-Barre, PA. Taken in the 1970s and 1980s, True Color is a project originally commissioned by the George Eastman House. Mark Cohen’s color images demonstrate chaotic visual narratives, at times harshly flashed, that denote the artist’s invasive style illustrating this American coal-mining region. A somewhat hermetic visual predator, Cohen deliberately seeks closeness to his subjects and finds a way to ambush partial details, a pink jump rope, a green car, a child’s set of bare limbs. 

ROSEGALLERY is pleased to exhibit True Color, a portfolio of thirty exquisite dye transfer prints. The prints were produced under the supervision of the artist by renowned artists and printers Guy Stricherz and Irene Malli of the G&I studio, also recognized for the printing of William Eggleston’s dye transfer prints for the last twelve years. The rich and distinct 1970s palette and subject matter are a remarkable testament to one of the era’s most intense photographers.


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