J O A Q U I N  T R U J I L L O

Girl in Profile

Girl in Profile

An artist, curator, editor and the youngest of eleven siblings, Joaquin Trujillo (b. 1976) was raised in a small town on the outskirts of Zacatecas, Mexico. His determination manifested itself at the early age of 12, when he left his home for Los Angeles. There he lived with his brothers in a one-bedroom apartment.

While many artists step behind the lens to capture a moment, Joaquin uses the camera to reconstruct the past—to fill in the gaps. He imports a body of work and a world inflected with a freshness of vision and technique.

His potent yet subtle approach to color and texture emulates a structured slippage of heritage. Building upon the dichotomy of his Mexican heritage and American education, he weaves together an uncanny modality of childhood innocence across culture, place and time.

Excerpted from a text by Michi Jigarjian