G R A C I E L A   I T U R B I D E  :  Casa de Frida Kahlo

In 2005, the bathroom of Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo's private home, was reopened for the first time since her death 51 years ago. On this occasion, the Fideicomiso Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo requested that Iturbide photograph two rooms of Kahlo's home that had been locked shut by Diego Rivera after her death.  Iturbide interpreted these previously untouched spaces and their contents, constructing a visual narrative and providing for the viewer a heightened emotional understanding of the significance and power of her spaces and possessions: medical supplies, artificial limbs, corsets, hospital gowns, and stuffed animals, a portrait of Stalin and her hot water bottle. Often paint-soiled, these objects testify to Frida's imability to separate her private and artistic lives and to extricate her physical pain from her creative solace. The fusion of these elements is symbolized by her bathroom, a central place in her life, where she started each day and to where she often returned, using it as the setting for several of her works, including her famous self-portrait in the bath.