F R A N K   K U N E R T


Frank Kunert was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1963. After graduating from high school, he became a photographers’ apprentice from 1984 until 1987.

After his apprenticeship, Kunert worked for various photography studios, and in 1992 when he went freelance, he began to find the topics that interested him the most. In recent years, Kunert has mainly focused on creating and taking pictures of his "Small Worlds".

In Kunert's "Small Worlds", the artist stages then photographs elaborate and complex models that he has built in his studio. Kunert's wit, humor, and immense skill reside within each intricate and absurdist composition. The narratives throughout Kunert's work evoke a more provocative or comical message than what may appear at first glance. 

Frank Kunert ,  Hoch Hinaus (Flying High) , 2016

Frank Kunert, Hoch Hinaus (Flying High), 2016