Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World


Janet Sternburg: Overspilling World


Overspilling World
Seeing is a Living Thing

Author: Janet Sternburg
10 x 0.4 x 8.1 inches
144 pages, 75 color images, hardcover
Published by Distanz






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Can a still photograph embody living perception? Can it contain its abundance? Can photography, which is not a time-based medium, render ongoing flow? Can it do justice to this notion of an over-spilling world? To these questions, photographer Janet Sternburg (b. Boston, 1943; lives and works in Los Angeles and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), a writer and philosopher as well as a photographer, says yes. Her work proves that photography can register the living perception that is our experience. Working without any optical or digital manipulation, and using the simplest of technical means–disposable and early iPhone cameras–she draws together the manifold aspects of the world on a single plane, portraying a vision of interpenetrating and layered time and space. “Overspilling World” is Janet Sternburg’s first monograph. With texts by Sternburg, art historian Pepe Karmel, photographer Catherine Opie, curator Alexandra von Stosch, and filmmaker-photographer Wim Wenders.