DEAR MARTIN | Photographer Unknown

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DEAR MARTIN | Photographer Unknown


DEAR MARTIN | Photographer Unknown

151 pages, 77 photographs
6 x 8 1/2 in.
Perfect bound paperback
ISBN 9781941556108

Collection : Jason Brinkerhoff
Concept: Myles Haslehorst & Jason Brinkerhoff

Published by Ampersand Editions, 2015
First edition of 100 copies

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Dear Martin is a collection of photographs made by an unknown photographer in the late 1960s. At a glance they document an anonymous man modeling an assortment of women’s bikini bottoms on a rooftop in an unknown city. A lack of captions, however, compels us to look more intently at each photograph in an effort to either identify with the man we are looking at or formulate a story of why and how he created these images. It’s possible that he worked alone, making self-portraits, recording a static performance on a stage he knew completely. His work documents a relationship with the lines and contours of the building’s architecture as much as it does his roundish body with a collection of bikini bottoms. Whether his intent or not, we become familiar with the details of this space, but never identify where exactly it is or how he could ever leave it, just as it’s unclear what sexual preference, if any, his chosen swimwear is intended to imply.