Coahoma County, Mississippi by John Chiara

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Coahoma County, Mississippi by John Chiara


Coahoma County, Mississippi
by John Chiara

96 pages
Hardcover, signed
From a limited edition of 200

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"There are worlds within worlds in Coahoma County," writes artist John Chiara. It is a place with a strong oral tradition where the locals have a deep historical and cultural knowledge of the region. It is the birthplace of the Delta Blues. It is a landscape enlivened by a photographic collective memory, fed by nearly two centuries of photographers working their magic and being changed by the magic of the land in return. 

Over the period of two years, the San Francisco-based artist brought his distinctive photographic approach to rural Mississippi. The resulting prints retain poetic traces of noise and residue from the photographic event and the final images are haunting, lush, and characterized by an exceptional luminosity consistent with the quality of light Chiara is intent on capturing. This limited edition monograph of that work features a selection of 41 never before published images show in his exhibition Mississippi.

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