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Nicola Dill: Sea Etchings Extended at ROSEGALLERY

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“Sea Etching 39.” All photos © Nicola Dill

The images in Nicola Dill’s “Sea Etchings” series resemble gestural paintings or calligraphy. They’re actually photos of sea grass washed up on sandy beaches.  An installation of photos from the series is now view in the south gallery of ROSEGALLERY in Santa Monica through September 17.

Dill calls the poetic shapes the grass forms “temporary etchings”; her work documents the art made by water and the tides. “Sea Etchings”  has also been published as a monograph by Nazraeli. Dill, a Los Angeles-based photographer, has posted an artist statement about the work on her Web site.

"Sea Etching 41."
"Sea Etching 51."

Images and text courtesy of Photo District News.