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'About Face' at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

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Kansas City's preeminent art museum, The Nelson-Atkins Museum, has recently opened an exhibition entitled ABOUT FACE focusing on contemporary photographic portraiture. We are proud to announce that ROSEGALLERY artists Ken Kitano, Jocelyn Lee, Laura McPhee, Lise Sarfati, and Tomoko Sawada are included in this exhibition. Read on for their press release.

This exhibition will explore the breadth and global diversity of contemporary photographic portraiture since 2000, highlighting recent acquisitions to the museum's permanent collection.

About Face will include works by twenty-nine artists from the United States, England, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Iran and South Africa. Though each of these photographers approaches portrait-making differently, certain thematic threads resonate throughout the show, including questions of racial, cultural, ethnic, class and gender identity; the relationship between individuals and typologies; the way photographic processes themselves inform meaning; the relevance of historical precedents to contemporary practice; and the impact of media stereotypes on self-presentation. Considered collectively, the works in About Face offer a provocative and engaging forum for considering the question: how do we define portraiture today?

For this exhibition, co-curators Jane L. Aspinwall and April M. Watson at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art are partnering with creator Andy Adams to create a collaborative exhibition project focusing on contemporary portraiture.

The project will present two distinct, simultaneous exhibitions: About Face, our in-gallery exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins, and Making Pictures of People, a digital exhibition presented online for web-based audiences worldwide. Visitors will be able to access the Flak Photo exhibition via touch screens in the gallery and on mobile devices outside the museum.

The goal of our collaboration is twofold: to celebrate the complementary experiences of engaging with photographs as objects and as images, and to connect museum visitors in Kansas City with an international community deeply engaged in thinking about portraiture and contemporary photographic practice.

ABOUT FACE is on view at the Nelson Atkins Museum from August 9, 2013 - January 19, 2014. Click here to be explore to their site.

Image titles: Jocelyn Lee, Untitled (Julia and Greenery), 2005 and Lise Sarfati, Emily, 2850 Sunset Boulevard, 2010

New Book Release—Our Face: Asia by Ken Kitano

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Art Director: Satoshi Machiguchi
Editor: Hisako Motoo
Collaboration: Katsuya Ishida (MEM, Tokyo)
Text: Yu Hidaka All text are translate in japanese, English, and Chinese.
Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.
134 photographs
hard cover
Special limited edition accompanied with one original gelatin silver print: edition 100
Print: 30 Geiko and Maiko performers for the Kyo-Odori of Miyagawa-cho April 4 and 5, 2003 Performance Studio in Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto, Japan (8x10 inches, each signed, numbered)
Limited edition price:700USD

Recent and Upcoming Ken Kitano Exhibitions

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Our Face

Ken Kitano

Date: 23.11 - 22.12.2012 Venue: Blindspot Gallery

At first glance images in our face can be deceiving. Where it appears to be an ambiguous portrait of a single person, it is in fact an accumulation and stratification of several dozen individuals. The single figure we see does not exist as an actual person, nor can it be classed as a true portrait. Instead it is far closer to the demographic whole, not only a representation of the subject but also a creation of a new signifier, questioning people's very existence.

our face is painstakingly produced using darkroom layering process which combines dozens of negatives, images are projected on top of one another with precise exposures to create an icon of a particular community. Each work of our face is a unique piece of work.

Artist Statement Essay: <‘our face’ project> by Lee Wing Ki

Press Release

Exhibition home page

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts and Tasveer

Exhibition Continues 7th - 16th January, 2013 2pm - 8pm Daily (except Sundays)
Seagull Foundation for the Arts 36C S.P. Mukherjee Road Kolkata 700 025

Ukiyo-E: Images of the Floating World

Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil

From January 25 - June 2, 2013

Ukiyo-e: Pictures of the Floating World invited to reflect on the differences and similarities, as well as visual and conceptual continuities between the world of ukiyo-e and contemporary art practices, in both contexts, intertextuality operates as a recurring element. Proposals from Japanese and Mexican artists participating in this exhibition establishes a crisscross of looks and identities from his meeting with Japanese prints from the Collection of the Museum of Art Carrillo Gil.

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