New in Zurich - Martin Parr

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Martin Parr, British Photographer in Zurich at Museum fur Gestaltung

When it comes to important British documentary photographers the name Martin Parr is never far from your lips. Born in Epsom in 1952 and holder of the Royal Photographic Society’s Centenary Award, Martin Parr is well known for his great photography. This year he is exhibiting in Zurich at the Museum fur Gestaltung with a collection called ”Souvenir”. Combining various aspects of his work as a photographer, film maker, collector and all round “viewer’ of the world – especially in relation to mass consumerism, consumption, tourism and various other phenomena of 20th Century life, it should make for a great exhibition.

Martin Parr Souvenir in Zurich

You may find the collection “Think of Switzerland” particularly interesting, focusing as it does on some of the cliches and humorous aspects of Swiss life. In his inimitable way he captures the essence of Swiss living through his photography.

Martin Parr Souvenir in Zurich

It all makes for an entertaining collection and you can view it from 12th July till 5th January 2014 on Tuesdays to Sundays at the Museum fur Gestaltung from 10am – 5pm and on Wednesdays till 8pm.  The Vernissage takes place at 7pm on Thursday 11th July. For more information please read here.

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