Paris Photo: Rinko Kawauchi

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Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, from the series Ametsuchi, 2012

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May 17, 2013 — Jun 22, 2013

ROSEGALLERY Los Angeles Fair Exhibitor

Bergamot Station Arts Center Gallery G5 2525 Michigan Avenue 90066 Santa Monica T +1 310 264 8440 Fax +1 310 264 8443


ROSEGALLERY presents the American debut of Ametsuchi, the most recent body of photographs by world-renowned Japanese photographer, Rinko Kawauchi.

Though her subjects are drawn from the tangible world around her, she is driven to take pictures by a belief in mystery, a love for things in motion, and a curiosity about the connectivity of everything she sees. Through the medium of photography she attempts to confront and comprehend what she finds puzzling about existence and to transcend the unavoidable flow of time by concentrating on a particular moment, which is neither past nor future. For her latest body of work, Ametsuchi (Heaven and Earth), the artist has expanded her view of time and memory both figuratively and literally.

She put aside her signature 6 x 6 inch Rolleiflex in favor of the more labor-intensive 4 x 5 camera and set out to explore the origins of civilization and culture. The results are photographs on a grand scale that focus on sacred time, ritual, and collective memory.

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