Dubbo Photo News: Martin Parr

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An Englishman’s Eye

Saturday, 18 May 2013 Written by  

Martin Parr, AUSTRALIA. Port Hedland. Arnold Carter, Deputy Mayor of Port Hedland. 2011.

The WPCC is currently hosting a major series of photographs by famed international photographer Martin Parr.

Parr, born in England in 1952, rose to international prominence in 1986 when he published Last Resort, Photographs of New Brighton – a series of images that, in the words of one critic were “a seismic change in the basic mode of photographic expression.” A documentary photographer of the highest order, Parr’s ability to capture the essence of a community simply through a series of still images remains unsurpassed.

Having shown in more than 80 exhibitions, and published 50 books, Parr is a remarkable talent. He was awarded the Centenary Medal in England in 2008 by the Royal Photographic Society and is a major influence on thousands of young photographers working today.

No Worries, Parr’s work currently on show at the WPCC, examines the cities of Broome, Port Hedland and Fremantle. It looks with wry humour at its people and tribes of all persuasions – from European Australians to the RSL, from beachgoers to the local footy team.

It’s a world several thousand kilometres away from Dubbo, but in these pictures you can see more of what makes us one than what divides us. Sometimes it takes an outsider to make us see truths such as that.

Text and image courtesy of Dubbo Photo News.