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MEGACOOL 4.0 Jugend und Kunst  with Jocelyn Lee,

Erwin Olaf, Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek, Ruud van Empel, Rineke Dijkstra, Nan Goldin, Jocelyn Lee, Andreas Gursky and other artists. Künstlerhaus k/haus Vienna, Austria from 15 June 2012 till 07 October 2012

Opening: June 14th, 2012, 7 pm

"MEGACOOL 4.0" the exhibition at the Künstlerhaus (k/haus) shows fundamentally different takes on "youth", their movements, their poses, their objects and their fashion.

"MEGACOOL 4.0 - Youth and Art" presents photographs, interactive installations, video art, paintings, street art and sculptures made by visual artists (incl. Erwin Olaf (Vermeer award laureate 2011), Charlie White, Rinneke Dijkstra, Jocelyn LeeAri Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek (EXACTITUDES PROJECT) and Slinkachu) from across Europe, Russia, China and the USA. The exhibition is supplemented by objects and everyday items from Jugendkulturarchiv Frankfurt and a focus on young art from Vienna (incl. an installation developed by wienxtra-medienzentrum in collaboration with youngsters).

"MEGACOOL 4.0" presents fundamentally different types of youths: normal ones, assimilated hipsters, altar servers, drag kings, fat ones, thin ones, twins, celebrities, goths, hiphops, metalheads, ravers, cosplayers, avatars, aggressive girls.

From installations such as "Mindless living" by LA Raeven and "Pitbull" by Martin Brand, Cao Fei's "Cosplayer", Andreas Gursky's "Mayday I", Michael Schmellings Serie "Atlanta HipHop" to Nan Goldin's "Jimmy Paulette after the Parade".

The exhibits takes visitors on a visual foray through young people's picturescapes and theme areas such as online cultures, light / dark, body and gender performances as well as their choreographies, fashion, games, sport and party.

In addition to the fundamental questions in young people's identity search, the creative minds of a generation are invited to take centre stage, those who use Web 2.0 platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, flickr, deviantart or animexx as a source of inspiration for aesthetic-creative experiments, explore creative freedom and produce new forms of art.

Text courtesy of Flatland Gallery