Hisaji Hara

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I recently saw and exhibition of the photos of Hisaji Hara at Rose Gallery in Bergamot Station. That exhibition has now closed. However, here are a few photographs by the photographer. Not all of these photos were shown at Rose Gallery.

The following text is taken from Aline Smithson’s LENSCRATCH blog.

Many photographers, myself included, are inspired by painters. Toyko photographer Hisaji Hara has reproduced art works by Balthus in timeless black and white imagery.

Hara’s tranquil monochrome portraits look strangely familiar — and indeed, all are modeled after paintings by Balthus (1908-2001), one of the most revered artists of the 20th century. Although the figures and background furnishings are not identical to the originals, the compositions are. Through this tableau-vivant-like approach, Hara somehow manages to capture the essence of Balthus’s works.

By Jim McKinniss

Images and text courtesy of The Photo Exchange