Pablo Lopez Luz

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April 9, 2012

5 Questions for Pablo Lopez Luz

by Megan Z

Do you collect anything?

I have a photography collection that evolves almost every year. I think that’s the only collection I actually have. I collect, of course, photography books and literature books, but I don’t see that as a collection, I see that more as a lifestyle. I have a photography collection composed of mainly classic Mexican photographers.

If you could spend an afternoon with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

I’ve always wanted to have a glass of wine with Tom Waits, but I think he lives in Sonoma. I was thinking of getting a bike and riding up to Sonoma and see if I could crash into him. He would be an interesting person. But many photographers, many writers, many filmmakers.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would your gig be?

I think I would like to write, or act. Usually I would not say this, but I think I would like to be the next Jason Bourne or something like that — action movies. If I was to be a movie actor, I wouldn’t want to be like a serious actor. I think I’d like to be jumping off cliffs and punching people, even though I don’t punch people usually. Seriously though, a writer. I’ve always wanted to do all the different arts. I wanted to be a filmmaker. I was talking to a writer friend of mine the other day, and I am always jealous of writers. I’m very jealous of people who can express themselves beautifully through writing. If I could, I’d love to be a fiction writer.

Have you ever run out of money?

No. I am very careful with money. Ever since I have started my profession I was always very smart about it so I always have something there.

What’s your favorite tool?

I almost don’t use tools at all. Lately it would have to do with a bike. Usually I’m into biking in Mexico City, which is a very nice extreme sport. I think I would have to go with that. Otherwise, I cannot think of another tool. I’m not very tool-savvy.

Text and image courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art blog: OPEN SPACE