John Chiara: The Richmond Arts Center

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John Chiara, Echo Lake at Meyers Grade (Far Left), 50'' x 78'', Dye Destruction Process, Unique Photograph, 2010

South Gallery, In Conversation: June Schwarcz and John Chiara presents a landscape of inscrutable sculpture and metallic photography, full of mystery and alchemical beauty. Curated by Muriel Maffre, this unique pairing of two artists who transform their material with such mastery leaves us wondering what genre of art it is: Sculpture? Photography? Painting? Yes. June Schwarcz' non-utilitarian vessels seem to be ceramic, but are actually painted metal — inexplicably weighty and yet ethereally weightless. John Chiara uses a camera obscura to produce his epic photography, developing his simple landscape images on large sheets of thin metal that he then frames to hang on the wall. The effect of the conversation between the two artists is revolutionary in its elegance and mysteriously simple beauty.

The Richmond Arts Center