Workshop with Lise Sarfati

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June 18 - 19, 2011, Pianello Val Tidone, Italy

Cesuralab presents a new class in the 2011 educational program: a 2 day (weekend) workshop with Lise Sarfati, member of Magnum Photos.

Students will have the rare opportunity to show their work to a unique eye in the photography world, and share with the teacher ideas and suggestions about how to create a body of work, focusing on the way to reveal ones soul in a photographic project, the process of editing, and the concept of seriality.

The workshop will also focus on the creative process of making a photographic book and the guidlines on how to make it succesful.

During the 2 days Lise will also present her work to the students and discuss her approach to the subject of a photographic project, and to the realisation of the photographic project itself.

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