Elger Esser: Veduten und Landschaften

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Courtesy of johndownesphotography.

“Esser is a photographer whose compositions thrive in particular on an admixture of macro and microstructure. The vast distance from which he takes the motifs initially provides the viewer with an ordering survey, and it is this that then frees the gaze for the carefully presented details, such as the filigree blades of grass or the reflection in the water which always forms a calm pictorial zone in the foreground. What is required to achieve this is not primarily just high technical quality and true mastery of the medium of photography. but first and foremost a trained eye and a sensitive feel for the particularities of the setting.”

—Rupert Pfab, Galerie Rupert Pfab Düsseldorf

“The large scale of Essers prints, Coupled with the expansive distances and often indistinct horizons he photographs, work to envelop the viewer – overwhelming vision and offering captivating tension between the landscape originally encountered by the artist and the photographic image experienced by the viewer. Though the stark, poetic composition begs for quiet contemplation, ameland pier x is neverless filled with uneasy tension between place and placelessness, reality and abstraction, leaving an image that seems on the verge of disapeerance.”

—Susan Stuart