Lise Sarfati

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French photographer Lise Sarfati has lived and worked in the United States since 2003, and has produced six series of photographs with resulting exhibitions and publications during her time in the US. With her photographs Sarfati says she conveys "a vision in which the individual is environment, a map outlining a perilous cultural geography." She goes on to emphasize that the simplicity of her photographs and richness of perception are constructed without effects to capture "a determinism of the heroic, inevitably tragic figure."

Her publications include "Austin, Texas" published by Magnum Photos (2008), "The New Life—La Vie Nouvelle" published by Twin Palms (2005) and "Acta Est" published by Phaidon (2000).

Sarfati is represented by ROSEGALLERY, Los Angeles and Yossi Milo, New York.