Graciela Iturbide Juchitan de Las Mujeres 1979-1989 Limited Edition book with print

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Graciela Iturbide Juchitan book Graciela Iturbide Juchitan de Las Mujeres 1979-1989 Limited Edition book with print Text by Mario Bellatín, Elena Poniatowska. Includes 12.5 x 7.5 inches Gelatin Silver print Edition of 30 plus 5 artist proofs


In 1979, the Mexican painter and printmaker Francisco Toledo contacted Graciela Iturbide to ask her to photograph life in his native Juchitán in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Here she found a project in which to indulge her desire to photograph the vitality of women. The small city in the narrow Isthmus of Tehuantepec is the most purely indigenous community in Mexico. The Zapotec women there are economically, politically and sexually independent and have been idealized as a source of national strength for more than a century. Their bright, embroidered apparel, rich gold ornamentation and elaborate coiffure identify them as part of the seemingly exotic Tehuana tradition.

Iturbide's approach to photographing life in Juchitán was not the traditional distanced of a documentarian. She chose to get well acquainted with the women in order to make them "complicit" in the way she would photograph them. As Iturbide said herself about her experience among the "big, strong, politicized, emancipated, wonderful women" of Juchitán, "They adopted me in a way. They let me take my pictures and let me know about the various fiestas. I would go on pilgrimages with them. It wasn't only that they gave me permission to take photographs, they also suggested themes and showed me things. I discovered the Zapotec people through their eyes, and through my own at the same time."

The resulting book Juchitan de Las Mujeres, published in 1989, was as instant success and has long been out of print and unavailable. This timely new edition, which has been completely redesigned by Olivier Andreotti and appears under a joint imprint with Galerie Toluca in Paris, includes numerous unpublished photographs.

Hardcover Publisher: RM/Editorial Calamus ( 2010) 96 Pages 120 Photographs 21.7 x 37 cm Olivier Andreotti (Toluca Èditions) Spanish edition ISBN Verlag: 978-84-92480-53-1