LA Times: What does 'the Asian woman' look like? Artist explores identity with 300 self-portraits

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Sharon Mitzota reviewed Tomoko Sawada's Facial Signature Exhibition for the LA Times on 3 March.

Tomoko Sawada,  Facial Signature , 2015. (© Tomoko Sawada / ROSEGALLERY)

Tomoko Sawada, Facial Signature, 2015. (© Tomoko Sawada / ROSEGALLERY)

"Tomoko Sawada has photographed herself relentlessly, dressing up Cindy-Sherman-style as schoolgirls, twins, brides or other characters since the mid-1990s. Her new work at ROSEGALLERY, “Facial Signature,” consists of 300 self-portraits that are remarkable for how Sawada achieves variation within very narrow parameters: the American notion of “the Asian woman. . .The repetition leads to a much less sanguine conclusion that despite our personal styling, to America, Asian women all still look alike.”

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