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Wayne Lawrence creates Intimate Portraits of Flint, Michigan residents, on National Geographic

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Wayne Lawrence visited Flint, Michigan, a city in national headlines for it's profoundly lead-poisioned water and frustrations because of government negligence.  His intimate portraits are published by National Geographic with personal interviews with the residents of the city.

Wayne Lawrence, Keonna, Kirk, and Antionette Miles, Flint Michigan, 2016

“Several of my family members have been affected by the Flint water contamination,” Antionette Miles says (pictured right). “For months we had city officials tell us that it was OK to drink the water, even showed us that they were drinking the Flint water. We all had different types of illnesses going on but we never thought it was from the water.”

Von Lathan shares, “You know how many babies here is affected now man, for the rest of their lives? And to my understanding and my little research it’s irreversible once you get lead poison in the brain. It’s nothing you can do about it."

"The people in charge need to take responsibility for what they’ve done to this city, man! People out here are mad as hell man, and I’m one of ‘em.”

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Exhibition, Unseen William Eggleston Photographs of Joe Strummer and Dennis Hopper at National Portrait Gallery

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William Eggleston, pioneer in color photography, is unveiling never before seen portraits of rockstar Joe Strummer of The Clash and Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  This is the first and most comprehensive exhibition solely dedicated to Eggleston's portraiture work.  

Left: Joe Strummer, Above: Dennis Hopper by William Eggleston © Eggleston Artistic Trust

Left: Joe Strummer, Above: Dennis Hopper
by William Eggleston © Eggleston Artistic Trust

Director of NPG Nicolas Cullinan shares, "Eggleston has an uncanny ability to find something extraordinary in the seemingly everyday. Combining well-known works with others previously unseen, this exhibition looks at one of photography’s most compelling practitioners from a new perspective.”

The exhibition will display more than 100 works spanning over several decades.  The photographs include people in diners, markets, self-portraits from photobooths, and other vignettes into Eggleston's everyday encounters.

The exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery will be from 21 July until 23 October, 2016.


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Artist News, August Sander in "With Different Eyes" Exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bonn

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German documentary photographer and portraitist August Sander is exhibiting in a contemporary portrait photography exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bonn in collaboration with The Photographic Collection/SK Stiftung Kultur in Cologne, Germany.

The overarching theme of portraiture strengthens the breadth of portraiture on display because of the vast range of artistic approaches to documentary and to staging and reformulating iconographic traditions.

Other exhibiting artist include: Thomas Ruff, Michael Schmidt, Beat Streuli, Thomas Struth, Wolfgang Tillmans, Christopher Williams, Diane Arbus, Pieter Hugo, Erioh Kaki, Judith Joy Ross and Albrecht Tübke.

The exhibition dates are from 25 February to 5 August 2016.

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