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US photo exhibit address identity issues. Tomoko Sawada's "Facial Signature" on view at ROSEGALLERY

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Japanese artist Tomoko Sawada says Americans often tell her she looks Korean or Chinese or a number of other East Asian ethnicities. The experience inspired her to open a new exhibit in Los Angeles, called "Facial Signature." CCTV America's Patrice Howard reports:

human beings share 99.99999 percent of the same genes. All of us — despite having different types of so-called “added cultural values” — such as nationality, race, religion, and language — are by nature and essence equal to one another.
— Tomoko Sawada

ROSEGALLERY Featured Artist: Stéphanie Solinas

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Stéphanie Solinas, whose series Phénomènes was featured in our show Her First Meteorite, Volume 1, is ROSEGALLERY's featured artist for the month of December. The artist was recently interviewed by Hans Lucas with Findspire Studio at 2015's Rencontres d’Arles and featured on l'Oeil de la Photographie. In this clip, Solinas discusses her interest in using photography as a vehicle for uncovering the connection between an individual and their identity.

The original feature from l'Oeil de la Photographie, written by Wilfrid Estève, can be found here