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Announcement from Hannah Sloan & Rose Shoshana

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March 4, 2015

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am happy to make you aware of some exciting changes coming our way this Spring. Following a tenure of approximately 10 years at ROSEGALLERY, under the superb guidance of Rose and my colleagues in the arts industry, I will be opening a project space on the Bergamot Station campus. Rose and I are enthusiastic about the creative cross-pollination this move makes possible and we look forward to many fruitful collaborations. The project space, located in the middle of the B Building along Olympic Boulevard, will provide a fun, new context for some of the artists with whom I currently work and a vibrant exhibition space for emerging artists working across disciplines. This opportunity will also allow me to remain connected to the Bergamot community, to Rose, and to the artists I have been devoted to for so many years, while embarking on independent endeavors.

My last full day at ROSEGALLERY is Friday, March 6th, and at 11am Saturday, March 7th, doors open at SLOAN PROJECTS. I encourage everyone to come say hello and make B5 one of your Bergamot Station destinations. I hope it goes without saying that the company I have kept while at ROSEGALLERY is unparalleled in the world of photography and I am honored to have worked with the caliber of artists, curators, dealers and collectors this gallery attracts. I am looking forward to a new chapter that keeps me connected to all of you.

Very Best Wishes,