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Exhibition "In The Wake" Reflect on Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami on 5 Year Anniversary on The Creator's Project

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The natural disaster in Japan in March of 2011 that shook the earth, stirred the ocean and shocked the hearts of Fukushima residents, miraculously brought several artists together to visually explore their emotions.  ROSEGALLERY artist Rinko Kawauchi as well as Lieko Shiga are among others to photograph the landscape and exhibit in The Japan Society exhibition In The Wake: Japanese Photographers Respond to 3/11.  Read the article from VICE's The Creator's Project blog.

Lieko Shiga, Rasen kaigan (Spiral Shore) 45 from the series Rasen kaigan (Spiral Shore), 2012

In the Wake is divided into three sections: documentary, experimental, and narrative. Tomoko Yoneda's serene photos offer a unique perspective of the people, plants, and animals directly after the events of 3/11. Experimental photographer Nobuyushi Araki was in Tokyo during the tsunami, also physically insulated from its effects. Kamiya says he "took the negatives of photographs that he had taken around and on 3/11/11 and physically slashed them. They relate to his own struggle with cancer, and the loss of his sight in one eye." Lieko Shiga lived in a village in the Tōhoku region, documenting its history, since 2008. She captures images that unpack the village's most important human events, contributing those of 3/11 to the exhibition.

View the exhibition at The Japan Society until 12 June, 2016.


The Creator's Project: "This Photographer Transformed Herself for 300 Self-Portraits"

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Tomoko Sawada has been gathering the attention from several American media and editorial sites.  Today we share The Creator's Project, a VICE blog dedicated to a global celebration of creativity, and their recent review of her series Facial Signature.

"Even in the most diverse cities in the country, stereotypes and clichés about ethnic groups leave little room for individuality. A person can be automatically judged by their perceived ethnic identity— even when that assumption is incorrect. Photographer Tomoko Sawada grapples with an especially complicated ethnic problem: the assignment of Asian identity based on physical features. What makes someone seem more Japanese or more Chinese? What factors make strangers decide on these attributes? These are the questions that Sawada tackles in her exhibition Facial Signature, currently on view at Santa Monica's ROSEGALLERY."

The Creators Project is a global celebration of creativity, arts and technology.  Launched in 2009 with Intel as founding partner, the platform features the works of visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology to push the boundaries of creative expression.
The Creators Project includes daily video and editorial content, an official YouTube Channel, original artwork commissions and global events.

Read the article in it's entirety HERE.