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Exhibition, Unseen William Eggleston Photographs of Joe Strummer and Dennis Hopper at National Portrait Gallery

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William Eggleston, pioneer in color photography, is unveiling never before seen portraits of rockstar Joe Strummer of The Clash and Hollywood actor Dennis Hopper at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  This is the first and most comprehensive exhibition solely dedicated to Eggleston's portraiture work.  

Left: Joe Strummer, Above: Dennis Hopper by William Eggleston © Eggleston Artistic Trust

Left: Joe Strummer, Above: Dennis Hopper
by William Eggleston © Eggleston Artistic Trust

Director of NPG Nicolas Cullinan shares, "Eggleston has an uncanny ability to find something extraordinary in the seemingly everyday. Combining well-known works with others previously unseen, this exhibition looks at one of photography’s most compelling practitioners from a new perspective.”

The exhibition will display more than 100 works spanning over several decades.  The photographs include people in diners, markets, self-portraits from photobooths, and other vignettes into Eggleston's everyday encounters.

The exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery will be from 21 July until 23 October, 2016.


Visit for details.


be-Art Magazine features Facial Signature by Tomoko Sawada

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EXHIBITION: Tomoko Sawada at ROSEGALLERY, Santa Monica

Facial Signature  Installation, 2016

Facial Signature Installation, 2016

"Of course behind Tomoko Sawada’s performance, those 300 faces staring at you, act like a boomerang toward your own identity. And you ended up asking to yourself what if I were blond, or red or long hair or whatever shape, would my life be different? Would I be different as a person? Very smart indeed.  A must be seen"

Be-Art Magazine recently covered the Exhibition Facial Signature, detailing the nuances between individual portraits as extraordinary.  Visit their website at to read more.