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Review of Parr's "Life's a Beach" on "Connect Savannah"

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Take the Plunge into Martin Parr's Life’s a Beach 

by Lauren Flotte

Margate, UK, 1986

Margate, UK, 1986

THE GAZE of Telfair Museums' Curator of Fine Arts and Exhibitions, Courtney McNeil, falls across the gallery to a Martin Parr photograph. A group of 60 to 70-somethings donning bathing caps wade into the sea forming two semi-distinct lines.

A hazy pier jutting out in the distance compliments their formation. It is a simple image with gravity, humility and the perfect touch of humor.

“If you were standing 100 yards away and saw that happening, this is not any monumental occurrence. There’s nothing that would jump out at the average viewer as being poetic about this moment, but the way he captures it really just heightens it,” she appreciates.

While the British photographer is known for his sharp social commentary in “Life’s a Beach,” opening this Friday at the Jepson Center, Parr shows his true talent to be observation, not sarcasm.

Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan, 1996

Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan, 1996

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