Chris Killip discusses reprint of photobook "In Flagrante" with Martin Parr

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Martin Parr, an avid collector of Chris Killip's photographic work, sat down to discuss the reprinting of the Photobook In Flagrante.  Twenty-eight years past the Errata edition, Killip has edited down to the essentials and reintroduced two new images to finally: In Flagrante Two, published by Steidl, 2015.

"I worked on a dummy of the book during 2014, figuring out the image size and I also thought about the original texts. I still liked the John Berger and Sylvia Grant text that introduced the book in the way that its an oblique commentary, but I didn’t want to use the William Butler Yeats poem or my short text. It was a good moment when I decided to start with the Len Tabner painting image as it was a good substitute for the Yeats text as I felt in reality that he was painting his dreams with the addition of all those seagulls in this drama when in fact it was far to windy for them to fly. The image was also a very good comment on photography and its very distinct relationship with reality." -Killip

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