W. M. Hunt review Classic Photographs LA - The Eye of Photography

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"Classic Photographs Los Angeles is the comfort food of photography fairs: warm and satisfying, a kinder, gentler throwback to the hotel fairs of the early 1980’s." He had a yummy time.

 Graciela Iturbide,  Casa de Frida Kahlo , 2003

Graciela Iturbide, Casa de Frida Kahlo, 2003

 Lionel Wendt,  Untitled , c. 1930's

Lionel Wendt, Untitled, c. 1930's

 Jo Ann Callis,  Untitled,  1975

Jo Ann Callis, Untitled, 1975

Of the photography dealers, booth layouts and prints mentioned, Hunt took notice to the color works on display in our booth.  "Surprising and unsurprising" were both the works of Jo Ann Callis and Graciela Iturbide.  Iturbide was invited to photograph Frida Kahlo's bathroom 50 years after her death.  The portfolio of 6 works in full technicolor are exquisite dye transfer prints.  Jo Ann Callis's vintage silver gelatin prints accompanied Iturbide, and Wendt.  Lionel Wendt was a Ceylon born musician, writer, critic, lawyer and photographer in the 1930s until his death in 1944.  He was a founder and member of the 43 Group, a salon style society of artists in Sri Lanka, whose creative efforts lead to great international success. 

Read his full commentary on the Classic Photographs Los Angeles HERE.

The MMM Exhibition at Philharmonie de Paris

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 Benidorm, Spain, 1997 © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos. (© Martin Parr / Magnum Photos )

Benidorm, Spain, 1997 © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos.
(© Martin Parr / Magnum Photos )

Philharmonie de Paris is currently hosting The MMM Exhibition, on view through January 29, 2017. 

The show is the culmination of a meeting between two personalities - a musician, Matthieu Chedid, with a definitive visual incline, and an iconic figure in contemporary photography, Martin Parr.

At The MMM (Matthieu aime Martin or Martin meets Matthieu) Exhibition, the artists converge in a dialogue held together by two separated and diverse environments. Functioning as a mini-retrospective with more than 500 photographs, Parr’s work is grouped in nine thematic chapters featuring themes such as animals (real and imaginary), headdresses and congregations, each paired with a unique soundtrack, specially composed by Chedid, which is arranged around one music instrument (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, celesta etc). The composer’s “homage” allows for a hybrid experience, halfway between sight and sound, a heartfelt mano a mano.

For complete details, please visit, PhilharmoniedeParis

Jo Ann Callis photograph named top 5 artworks at PHOTOLA - Artspace

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PHOTO LA, in its 26th year, explores the photographic practice at DTLA's The Reef exhibition space with over 30 exhibitors.  On display were vintage works from Cohen gallery, Emerging photographers featured in curated booths, digital printing studios, and works from private collections.  From the booth of featured work by photography collectors was the work of Jo Ann Callis, named top 5 artworks at the fair.

 Jo Ann Callis,  Woman With Blonde Hair,  1977

Jo Ann Callis, Woman With Blonde Hair, 1977

From the collection of Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck

Woman With Blonde Hair is from a series of elegant and often enigmatic images from 1976 to 1977 that preceded the last 30 years of fictional narrative in photography. Referencing film noir, Paul Outerbridge, and the eroticism of fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, it creates a highly charged domestic tableau that exists out of any context and without any clear resolution, but is instead highly suggestive—the fetishistic overtones giving the scenario both pleasure and anxiety.  As a cibachrome print, its lush coloration has a slightly metallic tone, only increasing its sense of menace and style.

Read the full list on artspace.com

A closer look at Bruce Davidson's Brooklyn Gang, on TIME

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TIME sat down with Bruce Davidson and discussed the tales of the teenagers he photographed for his series Brooklyn Gang.

 Bruce Davidson,  Untitled , 1959

Bruce Davidson, Untitled, 1959

  Bruce Davidson: Survey

Bruce Davidson: Survey

Davidson’s newest book Bruce Davidson: Survey, (Aperture) is a comprehensive book that includes work from Brooklyn Gang, Subway, Central Park and East 100th Street among others. Get yours HERE.

Read on time.com

The Armchair Traveler: Bruce Davidson East 100th Street highlighted in Interview Magazine

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"The art world too global for you? Each week, Interview highlights in pictures the shows you'd want to see—if you could jetset from one international hub to the next."

Josef Sudek, Last Rose, Man Ray, Glass Tears and a dress designed by Tracy Reese and worn by the First Lady in connection with the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, 2013 were notable pieces of artwork mentioned this week.


Timeless Photographs of Dorothea Lange - JPR

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Jefferson Public Radio takes a look into Dorothea Lange's expansive work in and around the border of Northern California and Oregon. 

"Even those well-versed in Dorothea Lange's photography usually aren't aware that Lange took over 800 documented photographs in JPR's listening area.

The neglect of these Northwest photographs is a pity,” writes Linda Gordon, Ph.D., in a 2009 article published in Oregon Historical Quarterly. Though Gordon—a professor of History at New York University who considers Portland, Oregon her hometown and author of the comprehensive biography Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits—refers to Lange’s Oregon photos as “second best” and argues that they “do not match the stunning achievement of her Depression best"

 Dorothea Lange,  Mother and two children on the road.

Dorothea Lange, Mother and two children on the road.

Jefferson Public Radio is a service of Southern Oregon University and NPR for Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Douglas, and Siskiyou, Shasta and Mendocino and Humboldt counties.

Read the full article on ijpr.org

ROSEGALLERY Exhibition "He/She/They" named top 10 LA art shows - Hyperallergic

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Best of 2016: Our Top 10 Los Angeles Art Shows
These top 10 shows in no way capture a full overview of the art seen in LA this year, but they provide highlights of the rapidly developing artistic landscape of the city.

 Yasumasa Morimura,  Portrait of Marilyn , 1995

Yasumasa Morimura, Portrait of Marilyn, 1995

9: He/She/They at ROSEGALLERY

In 2015, “they” was nominated word of the year by the American Dialect Society, an indication, at least on the level of language, that American culture is making some moves away from the gender binary. The exhibition He/She/They took that shift to heart, organizing works dating from the early 1930s to the present from around the globe, with a focus on portraiture in the ever-changing medium of photography. The works either directly discussed the constructs of gender or dismantled them altogether. Katsumi Watanabe’s late ’60s portraits captured candid shots of people from Tokyo’s queer nightlife. Susan Meiselas documented carnival strippers during the early ’70s, at the same time the feminist movement was taking shape in the US. In his series Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera, Wayne Lawrence documented beachgoers at the Bronx’s only public beach. He/She/They brought a much-needed, refreshing look at gender. —Alicia Eler

Read the full top 10 list of Los Angeles Exhibitions on hyperallergic.com