Ken Graves' The Home Front, tribute exhibition at Anglim Gilbert Gallery

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Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to present The Home Front, an exhibition of photographs by Ken Graves (1942-2016).

The exhibition is a tribute to Graves who passed away earlier this year.  His career as a photographer began in San Francisco in the 1960's after undergoing studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. Moving to Pennsylvania shortly after, Graves taught photography at Pennsylvania State University for thirty years before returning to the Bay Area. In later years he was joined by his wife Eva Lipman in a collaborative photographic and darkroom practice.  He also created meticulous collages from found photo reproductions, using string, feathers, wire and other delicate materials.
His Home Front series began in the sixties while he was completing his studies at the San Francisco Art Institute. Graves observed everyday people, many firmly entrenched in the 'Establishment' life under critique, capturing strangeness in the normal at a time of social revolution in San Francisco. This was especially apparent to him as a student at the Art Institute.

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