Phil Tarley reviews Collectors' Favorites for Fabrik Magazine

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"The photophile community came together Saturday night for the opening of an exhibition of works selected from the private collections of PAC/LA members. Presented by Rose Shoshana at her eponymous Bergamot Station gallery, the show is a luxurious trove; a luminous offering of some of the most artful and interesting photography around. Co-ordinated by PAC/LA’s, Michael Hawley, the presentation was culled from a diversity of times and genres. Seventy works are included in this, a most extraordinary show.

The exposition features such masters as Robert Frank, Irving Penn, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston, as well as new and vintage works by artists championed by PAC/LA collectors. You’ll see works by Lee Friedlander, Augusta Wood, Mary Ellen Mark, Torbjøn Rødland, Nick Waplington, Clarence Sinclair Bull, Dulce Pinzón, Rinko Kawauchi, Bruce Davidson, Margaret Bourke-White, and dozens more."

 "The desire to acquire fine art photography is a delicious malaise that seems to torment many people all over the world. There is no cure. As this strange malady develops, most of the afflicted seem to hone their skills and focus their collections. Connoisseurs of photography enjoy educating others about what they have learned about the works of art they have amassed. They delight in showing them off. ThePhotographic Art Council is a great place to do just that – and to acquire new works, as well."
-Phil Tarley

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