Graciela Iturbide, photographing life as poetry on BBC news

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I always say my camera is a pretext for understanding life.
— Graciela Iturbide

Graciela Iturbide spoke with BBC while visiting Charlottesville, Virginia for the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph.  "My intention is to look at life as if it were part of poetry.  I try to do something poetic in what I do, I try." Graciela's photography career began from her admirable relationship with Manuel Alvarez Bravo.  She shares:

Manuel Alvarez Bravo wasn’t just a teacher of photography, he was a teacher in my life. He taught me to appreciate music and literature. He showed me that everything around us can influence us. . . Thanks to him I became a photographer.

Graciela's exhibition Naturata will be on display until 22 July at Neal Guma Fine Art in Charlottesville, VA.  For more information visit

Watch the video interview with Graciela Iturbide on BBC HERE.