Artist News, Martin Parr's Unseen Photographs in DAZED Spring 2016 Issue

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For the Spring 2016 issue of DAZED Magazine, Martin Parr spoke with Liv Siddall about his earliest documentations, photographing "ordinary" people and the challenges to being confrontational.

If I photograph a supermarket people say it’s dodgy. If you photograph famine or war it’s perfectly acceptable. I photograph normal people
— Martin Parr

Without a doubt social attitudes in Photography have changed which increasingly complicates the craft for photographers.  “People know a lot more about photography these days than they did 30 years ago, so perhaps there’s less innocence. You could photograph kids on beaches 30 years ago but you definitely couldn’t now. That’s a rare example of how social attitudes have dramatically changed in photography.” he shares.  Because of his affinity with documentation and has no issue with confrontation is perhaps the recipe for a successful career in documentary photography.  

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