Tomoko Sawada's Facial Signature previewed by Jody Zellen in Visual Art Source

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Jody Zellen previews Tomoko Sawada's Facial Signature series with insightful commentary of how Tomoko's work, retrospectively, is groundbreaking and contemporary.

Tomoko Sawada, from the series "Facial Signature," 2015, photograph

Tomoko Sawada, from the series "Facial Signature," 2015, photograph


"... Sawada is as much a performance artist as she is a photographer. Sawada does not become someone else to the extent that photographers Yasumasa Morimura and Cindy Sherman do in their work. Rather she casts herself in the role of model, changing her appearance in myriad ways for her different projects. In her work she parodies conventions and familiar photographic formats like fashion photographs and wedding and school portraits to simultaneously examine the role of femininity in Japan and to expose stereotypes and assumptions about racial identity."

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