Lise Sarfati Exhibition OH MAN Curated by Francesco Zanot at the Italian Center of Photography

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ROSEGALLERY artist Lise Sarfati has a solo exhibition curated by Francesco Zanot at the Italian Center of Photography in Tornino, Italy.  The exhibition of Sarfati's work made in Downtown Los Angeles will be on display from 27 January to 13 March 2016.

Lise Sarfati,  Oh Man , 2012 © Lise Sarfati

Lise Sarfati, Oh Man, 2012 © Lise Sarfati

"Main subject of the work are some men in the urban context. Do not perform any action relevant. In most cases they walk. Or they are caught in a moment of pause in the middle of a shift. Nevertheless their presence is evident. Energy charge. Powerful. Wherever they are in the rectangle of the image, they are of central importance. In a sort of update of the humanist tradition, Lise Sarfati eliminates any indication of his fictional narrative tension and heroic, leaving the field open to the pure appearance in the space of a number of individuals."

OH MAN - Photographs by Lise Sarfati
Italian Center of Photography
27 January to 13 March 2016

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