LE BAL Highlights Dirk Braeckman's book "Sisyphe" this holiday season

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LE BAL has included Dirk Braeckman's book Sisyphe in their 2015 LE BAL holiday packs. 

LE BAL: One of the most poetic books of BAL, Sisyphe by Dirk Braeckman, series of 32 images published for the first time by LE BAL in full accompanied by a text by Samuel Beckett, has enigmatic fragments of a gallant scene. It is an ideal gift from LE BAL to your loved ones.

Sisyphe Pack
Sisyphe by Dirk Braeckman
Friend Gift Card to BAL (for 80 / $87.27)
BAL Black tote bag
€99 / $108

Duo 2 Pack
Sisyphe by Dirk Braeckman
Dust by David Campany
BAL Black tote bag
€59 / $64.36

Purchase the Sisyphe Pack HERE and the Duo 2 Pack HERE.

Source: http://www.lebalbooks.com/